NFPA Clean                  866-370-7800

NFPA Clean specializes in the cleaning, repairing, inspection and tracking of firefighter bunker gear. We pride ourselves with the fact that our support services are second to none and that all cleaning, inspection, tracking and repairs to personal protection ensembles (PPE’s) are conducted with the strictest quality control measures.

NFPA Clean is a certified third party for the cleaning, repair and inspection of all structural firefighting gear, be it for structural firefighting, Wildland, FFE’s, Proximity suits, Aviation firefighting apparel, FPG’s and Industrial bunker gear.

Firefighters are often faced with very dangerous situations and in most instances these are life threatening, and we at NFPA Clean understand this. We offer competitive pricing and knowledgeable and viable solutions, and it is our intention to develop lasting, long-term relationships. NFPA Clean strives to both meet and exceed NFPA 1851 standards. Firefighters already face enough danger without having to be exposed to even more danger by incorrectly cleaned or repaired bunker gear. NFPA Clean gets it right the first time!

All cleaning of PPE or Personal Protective Equipment is guaranteed by NFPA Clean to have a 72 hour turnaround time.



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